Sven Armin Domann was born in 1961 in Torgau (near Leipzig/Saxony).

He left the goverment kommunist party (SED) in 1984 and lost his university place in East Germany.

Domann withdrawn in a little village near the Baltic sea and has worked as a postman and as a carer till the reunion in1989. His exibitions took place outside the gouvernment galeries.

He was a member of the Union of german artists (BBK- Künstlerbund M-V) in 1992 after reunion.

Domann initiated and curated the eigth international Symposiums „The Circle of Art“ at the Müritz-National Park, which was built up in 1990 in north-east of Germany (1991-1999). Since 1991 the inhabitants federated to closing-down of the young Müritz National Park.

Domann lives in Berlin and Güstrow.


sculpture Symposiums / residence:

2019  Pinea Linea de Costa (Sp), 7th International Art Symposium Odemira/Portugal

2018  symposium Sporen Ypres (Belgium); residence: Drake Arts Centre/Finland; Fiskars Artist Air-Finnland

2017  22th Vogtland Symposium „Flur 2017-International“

          Sculpture Symposium Castle Benkhausen

          11th International Sculpture Symposium Kamenz

2015  3rd International Sculpture Symposium Bad Schlema/Germany

          8th International Sculpture Symposium Moritzburg

2013  3rd International Sculpture Symposium Rheda- Wiedenbrück

          UM12- 2nd Festival of modern art Uckermark

2007  3rd International Sculpture Symposium Berlin/Schöneiche

2006  1st International Sculpture Symposium Mecklenburg/Vorpommern

2004  2nd International Sculpture Symposium artcastle Wodrow

          1st International Ice-Sculpture Symposium Rostock

2000  1st International Sculpture Symposium Torgelow

1996  1th International Sculpture Symposium „Le Vent Des Forets“/France

1995  2nd International Sculpture Symposium Wigersky-National Park/Poland


prizes / awards / stipends

2019   2nd prize art contest Memorial “Peaceful Revolution 1989”

2018   Stipend of the president of Germany

2017   3rd prize Castle Benkhausen

2012   International Sculpture Symposium Rheda-Wiedenbrück, First prize

2008   contest of art memorial for political prisoners 1945-1989

           prison Bützow, First prize

1998   contest of art - professional school Waren/Müritz, First prize

1995   Heinrich-Schliemann-Award, Landkreises Müritz/Germany

1993   Foundation-Euronature-Award, Radolfzell/Germany


memorial / art in architecture

2019    “Liquid Place”, hostel Mirow (G); “Liquid Bridge”, Odemira-pedestrian area (P)

2018    “Crucifix”,  Protestant church Rostock/Lichtenhagen

2009    Memorial Nazi victims of Euthanasia Psychiatry Ueckermünde

2008    Memorial Political Prisoners 1945-1998 Prison Bützow

2001    panel painting dead house of Hospital Güstrow

1998    “Clouds”, vocational collage (newly constructed building) Waren/Müritz

1994    Memorial for Nazi victims Silbings Scholl Waren/Müritz



2019    cold bench, (internet exhibition)

2017    28th exhibition BBK Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, Rostock

2015    27th exhibition BBK Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, Rostock

2016    Art Foundation „Watermill Schwaan“

2015    25th exhibition BBK Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, Marstall Schwerin

2013    23th exhibition BBK Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, gallery St. Marien Wismar

2011    gallery station St. Julian, gallery „Lage egal“-„prolog 8“ Berlin

2008    nordart Rendsburg, gallery „Torgalerie“ Braunschweig

2006    gallery „genius loci“ 20. Schönberger Musiksommer

2003    gallery „Galerie des Westens“ Bremen, art foundation Plauen/Vogtland,

            gallery „Kunsthalle Rostock“, gallery „Schleswig-Holstein-Haus“ Schwerin

2001    artist group „four“: gallery „Wollhalle“ Güstrow

            gallery „Kunsthalle Kühlungsborn“,      

            garden of the Universität Braunschweig

1997    gallery Kunsthaus Guttenberg Ahrenshoop



2011    Prolog 8 „Hefte für Text und Zeichnung“

2012    Acheron Verlag Leipzig, Anthologie „Hartz IV …“;

            Elbverlag Dresden, Anthologie „Heißer Sommer“;

            custos verlag e.K. Solingen, Anthologie DAFÜR“ Ausschreibung „amnesty International“ Deutschland;

            Anthologie Brüggener Literaturherbst „Der Lärm verstummt…“

2013    Anthologie Preisträger 3. Dorstener Lyrikpreises

2019    Anthologie “Literaturpreis Bad Godesbach”