o.T., 2020

Sven Armin Domann was born in 1961 in Torgau (near Leipzig/Saxony). He was a member of the Union of German artists (BBK- Künstlerbund M-V) in 1992 after reunion. Domann initiated and curated the eight international Symposiums „The Circle of Art“ at the Müritz-National Park, which was built up in 1990 in the north-east of Germany (1991–1999). Domann lives now in Güstrow.


sculpture Symposiums/ residence:

2019   Pinea Linea de Costa (Sp), 7th International Art Symposium Odemira (P)

2018   symposium Sporen Ypres (Belgium); residence: Drake Arts Centre (Finland); Fiskars Artist Air-Finnland, 

2017   22th Vogtland Symposium „Flur 2017-International“

           Sculpture Symposium Castle Benkhausen

           11th International Sculpture Symposium Kamenz

2015   3rd International Sculpture Symposium Bad Schlema/Germany

           8th International Sculpture Symposium Moritzburg

2013   3rd International Sculpture Symposium Rheda-Wiedenbrück

           UM12-2nd Festival of modern art Uckermark

2007   3rd International Sculpture Symposium Berlin/Schöneiche

2006   1st  International Sculpture Symposium Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

2004   2nd  International Sculpture Symposium artcastle Wodrow

           1st International Ice-Sculpture Symposium Rostock

2000   1st International Sculpture Symposium Torgelow

1996   1st International Sculpture Symposium „Le Vent Des Forets“/France

1995   2nd International Sculpture Symposium Wigersky-National Park/Poland 


prizes/ awards/ stipends

2020   2nd prize art contest International Center of Tourism Rostock

2019   2nd prize art contest Memorial “Peaceful Revolution 1989”

2018   Stipend of the president of Germany

2017   3rd prize Castle Benkhausen

2012   International Sculpture Symposium Rheda-Wiedenbrück, First prize

2008   contest of art memorial for political prisoners 1945-1989 prison Bützow, First prize

1998   contest of art - professional school Waren/Müritz, First prize

1995   Heinrich-Schliemann-Award, Landkreises Müritz/Germany

1993   Foundation-Euronature-Award, Radolfzell/Germany


memorial / art in architecture

2019   “Liquid Plaece”, hostel Mirow (G); “Liquid Bridge”, Odemira-pedestrian area (P)

2018   “Crucifix”,  Protestant church Rostock/Lichtenhagen

2009   Memorial Nazi victims of Euthanasia Psychiatry Ueckermünde

2008   Memorial Political Prisoners 1945–1998 Prison Bützow

2001   panel painting dead house of Hospital Güstrow

1998   “Clouds”, vocational collage ( newly constructed building) Waren/Müritz

1994   Memorial for Nazi victims Siblings Scholl Waren/Müritz


group exhibitions

2020   3th photo contest museum Synagogue Gröbzig- shortlist (G),

           "The Bridges"- The Brick-Spirit and the Garden- Foundation Starkow (G)

           12. International Art Fair Venice (It)

           Pacific Art Exhibition Beiliging, Soul, Tokio…,

           ”Respice Finem...” - 30. exhibition BBK M-V, Castle Bothmer (G)